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Basic Office Equipment List: Essential Items That You Need in Your Office

In order to start a business, you will need more than just an innovative idea. While essential, there are not many articles that talk about the physical components that you need to invest in for a company to run. Now, here we will not be talking about the significant financial investment that makes the core of your business, but rather the little things without which an office would be empty, and your employees would probably not be as motivated to work.

Depending on your budget, and the size of your business, you may not have to buy, but rather lease, specific equipment for a limited amount of time, before you can make a permanent investment. here is a basic office equipment list to help you get started.

What Equipment Does Your Office Need

Whether you are starting a business, or you work in an office, if you feel like something is lacking, our list of basic office equipment is something that you will find quite handy. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it and take a look!

Coffee Machine

The coffee machine is a technological miracle that will not only keep your employees satisfied, but will also contribute to the overall productivity, given the fact that caffeine increases energy levels. Additionally, placing a coffee maker in the middle of your office will also contribute to the integration of the team. Taking a coffee break can be a great time to talk about future plans.


Now, while a coffee maker can contribute to the satisfaction of your employees, a photocopier is essential for keeping your business running. Whether it comes to printing or scanning documents, investing in a multi-functional photocopier should be among the first things you buy when equipping an office.


Of course, there can’t be a proper office without some furniture. Here we are talking about a few chairs, an office desk, a table lamp and why not, a leisure sofa, that your employees can sit on to enjoy a coffee break. Investing in proper furniture will not only contribute to the overall functionality of the office but is also a great way to decorate and arrange your space.

Whiteboard and Projector

Whether you are a team leader or a sales manager, having a proper whiteboard in your office is a must. You will get to use it when it comes to planning out long-term goals as well as arranging daily activities and informing your employees on the relevant schedule. On the other hand, you can also present the plans with a projector if you are not that into writing things on a paper.

Telephone System

VoIP, PBX, Fax – these are all essentials for an office environment. Without a proper telephone system, no business will be able to run as you can’t communicate with your customers, partners, or employees. Thus, investing in a high-quality telephone system and a WiFi connection will go a long way towards keeping in touch with the relevant people.


Now, while things such as pens, notebooks, calendar, and a calculator are something you probably already have, you mustn’t forget about the importance of these in daily office life. Once again, a proper stationery set will allow you to keep track of things to do and the relevant schedule, including the dates of important events.

Paper Shredder

Along with labeling machines, storage folders, and binding machines, there is one particular product that you will need to invest in, which is an efficient shredder machine. It is essential for destroying documents that may include personal information of your customers, or other confidential information.

Computer or Laptop

While imagining an office without a computer or laptop is close to impossible, we still want to remind you that your computer needs to operate smoothly, have all the relevant apps, and software that will be used every day. Thus, make sure that you have a running Windows/Mac iOS operating system and that it features programs for writing, editing documents, creating spreadsheets, and presentations.

Business Cards

At the end of the day, business cards are something that any company or a successful entrepreneur is recognized by. In order to share contact information with your potential customers, you will want to have at least a couple of those on your hand at any given moment.

Final Thoughts

Working in an office doesn’t have to be exhausting. As long as you have all the necessary equipment, being a part of a business and a cooperative team can be quite enjoyable. Whether you are the CEO or you are a manager that also needs to take care of the office equipment, the basic office equipment list that we have shared here includes some of the essentials that you shouldn’t miss out on! So what are you waiting for? Go out and grab everything you need to stock your office full so that you can get you on your way to a productive and efficient day.

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