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Best Document Scanner – Complete Reviews with Comparison

With the on-going high-tech revolution, choosing what machines and electronic gadgets you need the most can be quite tricky. Now, in our opinion, you should start by ensuring that you have adequate tech equipment that your job requires. What this means is that, if you are a photographer or a graphic designer investing in a high-CPU desktop computer/laptop, then a proper scanner is a must.

While we have other articles that are addressing the issue of choosing the perfect PC, this one will be focused on how to find the best document scanner. Lucky for you, the market is full of different models, and it all comes down to the format that you need your scanner to be compatible with, as well as your budget. In order to help you, we have come up with our own list of top scanners.

Additionally, we will discuss a few critical features that you will want to consider before making the decision, as well as answers to the questions that are commonly asked when it comes to document scanners. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Comparison Chart

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Document Scanner


Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Document Scanner


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Document Scanner


Brother DS-620 Scanner


Raven Original Document Scanner


Best Document Scanner Reviews

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

If you are looking for a convenient and compact scanner that can scan documents of various sizes, then the Fujitsu iX1500 is a perfect choice. Featuring an advanced-paper feeding system that will allow you to scan both sides of a single sheet at a time, the performance of this scanner is optimal. On top of all that, while it can be connected to a Mac or a PC using a 2.4 USB cable, there is an option for Wi-Fi connection, as well. This makes the Fujitsu ScanSnap a worthy investment for anyone whose business depends on owning a proper scanner!

Product Highlights

First and foremost, the fact that you are buying from Fujitsu is a guarantee that the investment is going to be worth the price and the trouble that you might have when it comes to assembling the scanner (if you are a novice user). Reliable customer support and a 2-year warranty policy contribute to the overall value of this attractive and smart scanner.

The main thing that highlights this model is the smooth and fast performance that it allows – it can work at up to 30 ppm depending on the complexity of the document that you are scanning, as well as the width and length of the document. Compared to other popular models, this one stands out on top as a market leader due to the advanced page feeding performance (50) and the fact that it can efficiently scan your documents to a resolution of 600 dpi.

Yes, it might be a bit bulky and, thus, certainly not good for people on the go, but the fact that it can be connected without a USB cable is quite cool. It works well with both Mac and PC, including the latest OS versions. What we really like is that, due to the user-friendly 4.3-inch LCD display, you will be able to achieve full control over the scanner and send the scanned documents directly to cloud storage, such as your iCloud, Google, or Dropbox account.

The software that it uses is smart and classifies the documents by size and resolution. While this scanner doesn’t include an OCR, which is essential if you want to edit and search words in Word and PDF documents, everything else about the software is beginner-friendly. Overall, you are looking at a great value product that will act as a long-term investment, as long as you pay attention to the instructions on how to properly use it!

The Good

What we love about this Fujitsu model is that it allows for optimal performance in terms of speed (where it can reach up to 30 ppm), and it also has an innovative, double-sided scanning design that will contribute to the efficiency of this scanner. Along with that, it is quite sturdy, given the fact that most wireless models are sleek and can’t withstand hours of continuous use.

The Bad

On the other hand, it doesn’t feature the OCR, which is an essential software trait if you want to edit scanned documents. Also, we have to notice that the assembling process is not that user-friendly, and novice users may need to consult with customer service in order to get it assembled properly.


  • checkReliable, fast performance
  • Double-sided advanced feeding
  • Great touch screen


  • Lacking OCR
  • Assembling process


Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Scanner

Getting on with our list of the top document scanner offers, we have got a product that is ideal for people who are always on the go and need a reliable scanner to support their job or hobby. Whether you are a travel photographer, or you simply need documents to be scanned ASAP without a lot of trouble, the Epson Workforce ES-50 will be there to cover most of the requirements. No, it is not wireless, but it doesn’t require wall power output either, which is a huge plus. Overall, it is an affordable choice for any high-tech freak!

Product Highlights

While the Epson is not as trusted as the Fujitsu brand, they still seem to do a great job when it comes to manufacturing reliable portable scanners. This particular one can scan documents that are up to 8.5 inches in width and 72 inches in length. Not only this, but, apart from regular sheets and photos, you will be able to scan ID cards and receipts within 5.5 seconds.

It indeed is a smooth scanner that will work great in certain scenarios. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows, but you may need to download the necessary installation material depending on the version that you are using. As we have mentioned above, this model does not ask for anything but a USB cable that you will use for connecting it to a computer.

Talking about whether this scanner is user-friendly or not, it is safe to say that the Epson ES-50 can be seen as one of the best beginners’ scanners. This is true, not only because of the reliable performance but also because the software is smart and will classify the documents and scanned photos on its own. Additionally, you are getting a Nuance OCR (something that the Fujitsu model didn’t include). The OCR will allow you to efficiently make changes to Word and Excel documents, as well as search for the needed words in a PDF doc.

You will also have the ability to directly send the scanned material to cloud storage, such as Dropbox. No, it doesn’t allow the double-sided scanning that the aforementioned Fujitsu model does, but, apart from that and a few design-related issues, there is not much that we can say against this scanner. It is a convenient choice for anyone who doesn’t want a bulky scanning machine!

The Good

Just as you would think, the main highlight of this product is a convenient and compact design. Plus, the ability to work at 5.5 seconds per single sheet is definitely a great feature. Thus, if what you are looking for is a convenient and fast scanner that can be used on the go, we guarantee that the ES-50 is a wonderful choice.

The Bad

On the other hand, it doesn’t feature the built-in storage that is common for portable scanners. This, and the fact that it still needs to be connected to a computer in order to run (lacking batteries) prevents it from being a market leader.


  • checkPortable, sleek
  • Fast, reliable
  • Smart software


  • Lacks built-in storage
  • Lacks advanced feeding


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Scanner

Talking about cool and affordable alternatives to the aforementioned Fujitsu document scanner, the S3100i features an innovative design and smart software that will reduce the effort you need to invest. While it is somewhat bulkier than the ES-50 scanner, this model is still suitable for when you are on the go, mostly due to the fact that it can be connected without a wall power output!

Product Highlights

First and foremost, you will once again be dealing with the reputable Fujitsu brand – unlike some lesser-known retailer companies, the Fujitsu has been one of the market leaders for a couple of decades. The 2-year warranty that you are getting on this product ensures that any built-in defects or software related issues will be efficiently treated. The main highlight of this product is certainly the fact you only need a USB cable and a strong Wi-Fi connection for it to run.

Now, as you might have expected, the ScanSnap smart software will allow you to directly send documents to online storage platforms – additionally, the fact that it includes an OCR makes it easier to edit and search scanned documents. One of the best things about the software, apart from it being user-friendly, is the fact that it is programmed to classify scanned documents according to their resolution and size.

Unlike the aforementioned ES-50 that also offers reliable performance, this one includes an advanced page-feeding system. What this means is that you will be able to scan up to 12 double-sided pages in a single minute! That speed is unbeatable and something that only scanners from the Fujitsu brand are highlighted by.

Aside from all that, this scanner also automatically detects color impurities, and it works diligently to remove any wrinkles on the scanned document. Yes, it does lack Wi-Fi connectivity, but, other than that, we can’t say much against this model. Offering reliable performance, resolution up to 600 dpi, and smart software that most novice users will be able to work with, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i really is a worthy investment.

The Good

When discussing what is so good about this scanner, the first thing we would have to look at would be the smooth performance and smart software that it features. As we discussed earlier, it can handle up to 12 double-sided sheets a minute, and it provides optimal resolution using advanced feeding technology.

The Bad

On the other hand, it does lack the Wi-Fi connectivity which would make this Fujitsu model a superb scanner that not many other models would be able to compete with. Additionally, the fact that it doesn’t include built-in storage is an issue for a photographer who is on the go.


  • checkUp to 12 pages per minute
  • Advanced feeding, smart software
  • Features OCR, cloud storage


  • Lacks built-in memory
  • Lacks WiFi connectivity


Brother Mobile DS-620 Scanner

If you are looking for the most suitable document scanner that can work with the DS-620 format, then this Brother Mobile model is something that you will find fits your needs. Affordable and offering a reliable performance of up to 100 scanned pages a day, this product is something that you will find really handy for immediate document scanning. No, it is not a fast as the Fujitsu model, but it still stands among the market leaders when it comes to the lightweight models that are of good quality!

Product Highlights

The first thing that we want to discuss is the design of this product. It is below 12 inches in length and 1 pound in weight, which makes it the lightest portable scanner on the market. This is quite surprising, given the fact that it can offer a performance of up to 8 pages per minute, which is not bad at all.

Now, the main issue seems to be that the scanner is compatible only for Windows 8, which means that you will need to look up the Brother Mobile website in order to find relevant installation material for older or later versions. Also, it is not compatible with Mac products.

As far as the capacity that this scanner offers, it can work with sheets that are anywhere from 16 to 28 grams in weight, as well as 8.5 inches in width and 32 inches in length. Still, the fact that it is quite easy to use and will allow documents to be edited once scanned is quite cool. Apart from a few software flaws that are common for models of this price point, we have to say that it is a worthy investment. This is a product that is extremely easy to carry and can be set up whenever it is necessary!

The Good

The best thing about this Brother Mobile scanner is the reliable performance that it offers despite its lightweight and portable design. Not only that, but it is quite sturdy and able to withstand continuous use for up to 100 pages a day.

The Bad

It lacks Wi-Fi connection and a few smart features, such as built-in memory, auto edit, or cloud storage. The average user would find these features really handy.


  • checkAffordable
  • Reliable and sooth
  • Lightweight design


  • Lacks Wi-Fi connection
  • Software not user-friendly


Raven Original Document Scanner

At the end of our list of the top document scanners, we will present you with a Raven scanner that probably holds the most value out of the aforementioned models. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, but it also features a fast processor that can scan up to 17 double-sided pages per minute! Overall, the Raven Original Document Scanner is probably the best product that you can get at a fair price and that’s also suitable for commercial use!

Product Highlights

First of all, we will be looking at all the great things that the software of this scanner features. Starting off, the 17 ppm speed is astonishing! This speed is accompanied by the ability to integrate all the documents into an online storage platform, including Raven Cloud. You will be getting a free lifetime subscription to this storage, which is unlimited.

Aside from that, due to the OCR, you will be able to efficiently search the needed words in PDF documents, as well as edit Word and Excel documents. The software will correct wrinkles and any color impurities, and it can auto-rotate a document if it detects that it should. Additionally, the automatic document feeder with a capacity of 50 pages, as well as an extendable tray, is what makes this product an even worthier investment.

Not to forget, unlike the aforementioned few, this one can be connected with nothing but Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Thus, you will be able to send and edit documents even without a PC or a Mac. On top of all that, the 7-inch LCD screen will allow you to achieve optimal control of this scanner and really get the most out of its smooth and efficient performance. This item is a versatile, smooth, and sleek document scanner that we don’t have any major concerns about!

The Good

The best thing about this scanner has to be the unlimited Raven storage that you are getting with this product. Along with that, the reliable and fast performance that it provides makes it a long-term investment that you will have a lot of fun with.

The Bad

On the other hand, we don’t like the fact that, while the Raven brand is reputable, it doesn’t offer optimal customer service or a warranty policy – this can be quite an issue if you encounter design-related or software defects that you can’t solve on your own.


  • checkUp to 17 double-sided pages per minute
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity
  • 50 Page Advanced Document Feeder


  • Customer service is poor
  • Warranty policy could be better



Unless you are a high-tech freak and know every single thing about scanners, choosing the best one will require that you consider a few points. Now, we are not only talking about the brand that stands behind a product, but also about the operative function, software, and the build of a certain model. Thus, we have listed the five most critical features that you should look into in order to choose the ideal document scanner.

Types of Scanners

There are a couple of different scanner types depending on the design and the performance. Apart from the scanners that are to be used solely with a desktop computer, there are those that have a sleek design that is portable and convenient for when you are on the go. This, of course, depends on whether your scanner can be connected via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or not. Additionally, another way to group scanners is whether or not they allow double-sided scanning or only single-sided scanning.

Connection Interface

The most common connection option in modern scanners is via a USB cable and to a Mac or a PC. This is a great improvement compared to scanners that required wall power output. Additionally, some of the aforementioned portable scanners don’t require a USB cable either, and they can work with as little as a strong internet connection.


The resolution that a scanner can offer determines whether it is suitable for your needs or not. This all depends on whether you will be scanning a lot of colored photos or simple Word documents. There are a couple of common resolutions, with 600 dpi and everything above that being optimal. Still, you will find that 300 dpi that is present in some affordable scanners can still end up looking good if the software has auto-edit and clears color imperfections.


While an average scanner will be able to pump out anywhere from 6-8 double-sided pages per minute, there are portable models, such as the aforementioned Raven, that can go up to 17 double-sided sheets per minute. Depending on your needs and budget, we suggest that you get a model with a performance that is higher than 10 ppm.

What You’ll Use It For

If you invest in a high-quality document scanner, you can use it for a number of things such as scanning IDs, Word and Excel documents, receipts, bills, as well as colored photos and posters!


How do you scan documents from a scanner to a laptop?

This depends on whether you have invested in a model that can be connected only with a USB cable, or with a Wi-Fi connection, as well. If it is the latter, then you can simply send it to an online storage platform and log in to Dropbox, Raven Cloud, iCloud, or Google Docs from your laptop.

How do you use a scanner to email documents?

A model such as the aforementioned Raven Original will allow you to use the convenient LCD screen in order to directly email a document, or you can transfer it to your laptop and email it thereafter.

How do you merge scanned files into a single document?

Using the software that comes with your scanner, you will be able to edit and rotate scanned files, as well as effectively merge or disassemble Word/Excel documents and other scanned media.

Can a scanner automatically name a document?

It probably will, much like your computer would when saving a random photo. Still, you will be able to rename it using either the computer that you have the scanner connected to or through the built-in LCD screen of a portable scanner.

Can a document scanner scan photos?

Absolutely. Still, the quality depends on the resolution, as well as the software that the specific scanner is using!


At the end of the day, all the aforementioned scanners can put up a worthy performance. Our personal favorite is the Raven portable scanner, not only because it offers 17 ppm, but also because the design and the software that comes with it ensures optimal performance, even when it is connected with nothing but Wi-Fi.

If you are on a tighter budget, our best alternative would be the Brother Mobile scanner, which may not be as smooth and reliable, but it is still a great product for when you are in dire need of a scanned document!

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