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Best Way to Scan Documents for Storage: Tips and Tricks

The scanner is an item that is on most people’s basic office equipment lists. While the different benefits of investing in such a machine depend on the particular model that you are dealing with, it is safe to say that a scanner can help you greatly when it comes to digitizing confidential information and other documents. In fact, sheetfed and wand scanners can do much more than scan just letter-sized sheets.

They will allow you to scan legal-size documents, colored photos, IDs, bills, and receipts. Still, one of the most common uses for a scanner is to scan documents for storage. Now, as this process involves a lot of documents and not a lot of time, there have to be certain tricks and efficient methods that will speed up scanning, right? Absolutely!

Thus, in order to help you, we have done some research to come up with the best way to scan documents for storage. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get right to it!

Benefits of Owning a Document Scanner

One major benefit of investing in a document scanner is the fact that all confidential information and personal records will now be stored in electronic folders, rather than on-site. This means that there will be a much lower chance of those documents being disclosed to a third party. Not only this but, as the documents will be in digital form, sending them over as proof of compliance with certain regulations is going to be much easier.

With safety and security being a top priority, a document scanner can go a long way towards the overall productivity of a company. How so? Well, since not as many people will need to take care of and keep track of where the important records are stored, they will be able to focus on what really matters.

Not only this, but you will also be going green, with less ink and energy being spent on printing out the same documents. Thus, in the long-term, you will be saving both human and material resources, all due to the fact that you have invested in a couple of high-tech scanners.

At the end of the day, digitized confidential information is probably the best means of storage due to the fact that you can back it up on any of the online storage platforms. This also helps make sure that the info will not be lost. Bearing this in mind, it is time that we move along and discuss the best way to scan documents for storage.

Tips on Quickly Scanning a Lot of Documents

As we have mentioned above, the features that you will be working with depend on the scanner that you invest in. If you are always on the go and need a scanner that will be able to support that pace, but also doesn’t have to be connected to a computer, then a wand scanner is your best option. For an office environment, high-quality flatbeds or sheetfed scanners certainly are much better.

Now, the method to scan documents for storage is by using an Advanced Document Feeder. Keep in mind that not all models feature this external paper tray, which is useful for scanning a lot of pages at once. Unlike regular flatbeds, scanners with the ADF will automatically pull the next sheet in order. The fact that you will not have to open up the lid and start the process again for each document is going to be a life-saver when it comes to a big load of pages.

The second great tip on how to improve the efficiency of your scanning is by using a duplexing scanner. As you might know, most affordable models (even those featuring an ADF) are suitable just for single-side scanning, which means you would need to flip a document in order to achieve optimal performance. With a duplexing scanner, there are a number of rollers that do the job for you, thus decreasing the amount of time needed to get the job done.

Also, among the best ways to scan documents for storage is by using reliable software such as Adobe Acrobat or an OCR. These programs will allow you to quickly search and make any changes to the scanned document before moving to the next one.

Last, but not least, investing in a cloud subscription is a must if you are looking to store a lot of documents in a safe place aside from your hardware.


Now you know the best way to scan documents for storage. And at the end of the day, scanning a lot of documents at once doesn’t have to be all that hard – the key is that you have the right equipment and some knowledge of the best ways to do it. We hope that this article will help you in digitizing and modernizing your storage for confidential info and personal records.

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