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Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Office Document Scanner Review

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Scanning important documents is a great way to de-clutter your desktop and organize it for easy access anywhere and anytime. However, a scanner isn’t a cheap buy. Therefore, you can’t just buy it without knowing its features, performance, capability, and, most importantly, your preferences.

So when you are going to purchase a new scanner, make sure to understand your needs and budget. To assist you in this regard, we present this Canon Imageformula DR C125 Office Document Scanner Review.

Unlike other review sites, we don’t just write reviews to persuade readers to buy a specific product. On the contrary, we are committed to guiding you about the product by providing only authentic information.


Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Office Document Scanner

The Canon Imageformula DR C125 Office Document Scanner is a reliable, flexible, and dynamic scanner. It helps users boost their productivity and efficiency. It is capable of scanning documents at a fast speed, which clearly speeds up the workflow.

The scanner can handle different types of documents and create detailed scans. The J-path paper feed is the best design feature that makes it possible for you to place it literally anywhere on the table. The quality of scanned documents is excellent, making it a highly reliable scanner.

Who is This Document Scanner for?

This scanner is designed for a small office or home. It would serve well as a personal scanner without any specific space requirements. The DR-C125 gives you the opportunity to scan documents at a reasonable speed. If you are looking for a fast and reliable scanner, this is the right product for you. There are numerous features, which make it an ideal option for both office and home use. Moreover, people having limited desk space at their workstations would find it an ideal choice.

What’s Included?

The package includes a Canon Imageformula DR C125 Office Document Scanner with accessories like a power cord and a USB cord. There is also a user manual with all the relevant information.

Overview of Features

The Canon ImageFormula DR-C125 is one of the most simplest and straightforward scanners that you can buy. Just load your sheets into the feed hopper and see how fast it scans the documents. You can use either software like Twain or another application. If you are an old school kind of person, just press the one-touch button and have your documents scanned.

Canon boasts that this scanner can easily scan at a speed of 15ppm. Even if you are scanning duplex documents, it takes the same time. This is because the scanner comes with twin scan heads. The documents need to pass through the device only once.

The scanner not only provides great speed, but the scan quality is also up to the mark. There is hardly any detail that the scanner fails to capture. The colors are vibrant, and there is no issue at all, even if the document is faint. The performance of OCR at 300ppi is also impressive. The OmniPage is referred to as the most popular OCR tool.

Overall, the Canon ImageFormula DR-C125 is a great option for both the office and home. Even if you scan a searchable PDF document, the scanner won’t slow down at all. This is an excellent option for document management applications, which rely on searchable PDF files. This feature gives the DR-C125 an edge over other similar products. The speed isn’t that much faster, yet the quality of the scan and duplex scanning option makes it worth the money.

How to Use Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Office Document Scanner

If you would like to get up to speed with this printer, watch this video: 


Canon imageFormula DR-C230 Office Document Scanner

If you can afford to pay a bit more, the Canon imageFormula DR-C230 Office Document Scanner may serve as a great alternative. It is slightly bigger and an old-styled scanner, but the performance level is much more satisfactory than the model reviewed above. You can scan a variety of documents, including receipts, passports, business cards, embossed cards, photos, thick/thin documents, reports, and more. The scanner is fast and efficient, capable of scanning both sides of documents at a speed of 30 pages per minute.


Sheet-feed scanners come with dual scan heads, which isn’t a standard technology. This is the reason that makes the Canon ImageFORMULA DR-C125 slightly more expensive than other models of this league. The most innovative feature that makes this scanner stand out among the rest is its J-path paper feed mechanism.

You can place it in a small place without cluttering all your documents. Documents stay organized within the tray in an erected position. As a result, you won’t need to designate a specific place for this scanner on your desk. You get both speed and scan quality at the same time, and this feature isn’t common in most of the scanners.

Almost all the features are well integrated and comprehensive. The design is also impressive and adds functionality to the scanner. We hope this Canon Imageformula DR C125 Office Document Scanner review has helped you in your purchasing process.


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