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How To Scan Double Sided Documents: A Complete Guide

Depending on the scanner that you own, you may or may not know how to scan double sided documents. This can be quite essential for those of you working in an office as this type of document is quite common. While you can always scan both sides separately and merge the two images into a single document afterward, certain scanners will allow you to do it without much effort.

There are a few factors that matter when it comes to double-sided scanning documents, including the size of the Auto Document Feeder, as well as your scanner’s software. Thus, in order to help you, we have prepared a few useful methods that even a novice will find simple. Let’s take a look!

The Classic Dual-Scan Method

The first method that we will be talking about is the one that probably most of you are familiar with. Both Windows and Mac iOS come with software that will allow you to merge multiple files into one. Thus, what you will be doing here is scanning both sides separately, saving the docs as images, and then merging those images into a double-sided document.

The first thing that you will want to do is turn on the scanner and connect it to your computer. Once you have done that, open the lid, place it on the scanner tray, and press the “Scan” button or other (check user’s guide) to start the process. Save the image, and proceed by opening the lid once again, turning over the document, and scanning the other side as well.

Now open up the “WordPad” and a “Windows Explorer” window where you will search for the two images that you have just scanned. Once you find the two scanned images, press “Ctrl” and left-click to select both files, then right-click and choose “Copy”. Get back to the new WordPad document, press the right-click and then select “Paste”. The two files will now be merged, and the only thing that is left is for you to save it in the relevant folder.

Scanning Double-Sided Documents On Epson

With one of the most popular scanner brands being Epson, we have decided to showcase the instructions for most of its models, as they feature a user-friendly interface and a reliable scanning process.

Firstly, you should place the relevant document in the Auto Document Feeder. Once you do that, press the “Scan” button, then go into the menu and search for the “2-Sided Scanning” as an option that you should select. If you are using an office or a professional mode, select the “ADF-Double Sided” as the folder/source where the document will be saved.

What Are The Other Options?

While the first method that we have highlighted is the most effective and doesn’t require a lot of previous experience, investing in more expensive scanners will allow a delicate and smooth double-sided scanning. Flatbed models aren’t known as the best when it comes to double-sided documents. However, some models manufactured by HP and Fujitsu will allow this option using the Single Pass Auto Document Feeder. Still, the fact that the price is a lot higher than an average single-sided scanner may not be worth it.

Another option is to invest in a simplex or a duplex sheetfed scanner. While we have explained how the first scenario would work, using a duplex model to scan double-sided documents works even better. The only thing that you need to do is load the pages in the ADF and set the mode according to the manufacturer’s guide. After you have done that, press “Scan,” wait till it is done, then name the document and save it in the desired location.

If you are looking for a professional-grade scanner, then investing in an overhead model is probably your best choice. While it is not user-friendly, a scanner such as the Fujitsu SV600 that can be controlled with a pedal or a button does a great job when it comes to double-sided document scanning. In fact, it features auto-detection that will detect if you have turned the page and thus scan those two sheets as a single document. Still, much like the flatbed option, this one is not that affordable either.

Last but not least is investing in a wand scanner. Currently, the market is swirling with different models that are portable and easy-to-use. Thus, if you are always on the go, but you need a machine that can efficiently perform double-sided scanning, it will be the right choice. The fact that you don’t have to connect it to a computer as the scanner has its own internal memory is quite cool. Still, keep in mind that you will have to invest some effort in steady handwork in order to keep the double-sided document wrinkle-free.


Knowing how to scan double sided documents is nowhere as hard as you might think. Yes, not every model allows this option, but you can still scan the sides separately and merge later. We do hope that the aforementioned few methods will indeed help you to overcome scanning issues and end up with an adequate document format.

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